Youths in Kabwata constituency have questioned the sale of libala grounds
January 18, 2017
mobile issuance of national registration cards
January 18, 2017

2016 Munali constituency Aspiring Member of Parliament Patrick Muungo has condemned the PF governments over the culture of borrowing to run the country.
Mr. Muungo says acquiring debt will be a burden to future generations because no one will manage to pay back the money gotten.
He adds that people are fed up to hear that of excessive borrowing and has wondered who will pay for these loans.
Mr. Muungo says it is a well known fact that the PF government will not manage to pay back the loans because it doesn’t have the capacity.
He said this in an interview with Prime TV in Lusaka.
Mr. Muungo has stressed that government needs to be careful at the way they are borrowing and failure to control excessive borrowing will lead to an example of Greece.

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