FDD says it is disappointing for Zambia to be rated as one of the worst countries
January 16, 2017
Micheal Sata Dies and Guy Scott takes Over as President
January 16, 2017

A former freedom fighter has urged Zambian youths in the country to emulate the youths that fought for the freedom of the country.
Speaking in an interview with prime TV news Mama Kankasa says it is important for the people of Zambia to give time to the sitting president so that he can do what he promised to the people.
She says it is discouraging that people in the country instead of working together are usually finding fault even when many development and positives are undertaken in the country.
She says the people should not judge the government with its three years that it has been in government but that they should be able to support and give time so that more can be done from the projects that have already been started. Meanwhile Mama Kankasa has urged the youths in the country to be more proactive and to take care of them that they protect themselves from HIV.
She says by been proud and staying away from vices that are bad they will be able to accomplish the many goals that they have set and they will be able to develop the country.
She has therefore advised the youths in the country to be able to take up leadership roles as it will help them takeover from those that are already in high decision making positions.

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