Micheal Sata Dies and Guy Scott takes Over as President
January 16, 2017
Students from various learning institutions have continued endorsing UPND president for the presidency
January 18, 2017

Lusaka High Court Judge-in-Charge Judge Isaac Chali has dismissed the application by Commerce Deputy Minister and disputed PF Presidential candidate Miles Sampa filed in yesterday before Judge Mungeni Mulenga.
Judge Chali in dismissing Mr. Sampa’s application this morning stated that the action was an abuse of the court process.
Sampa sought an injunction to restrain Edgar Lungu from assuming his position until his complaint was addressed.

By earlier on his facebook page In a Facebook post, Mr. Sampa said his lawyers have reassured him that justice will prevail and he will proceed to the Presidential elections on 20th January 2015.
Lusaka High Court Judge Mugeni Mulenga Wednesday issued a consent judgment declaring Edgar Lungu as PF President and declared the PF general conference that elected Mr. Sampa President as null and void
Meanwhile, Edgar Lungu is launching his national campaign on Saturday in Kitwe and Mansa on Sunday.

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