January 14, 2017
Chinese hackers steal Israel’s Iron Dome missile data
January 14, 2017
More than 66,000 migrants and refugees have arrived on Italy’s shores this year.
But many don’t survive the journey – and when the Italian navy went to help migrants crammed on to a boat near Sicily, they were shocked by what they found.
The first images were tranquil enough. A fishing boat sat on a bay in Sicily in the summer sunshine.
As gusts of wind ruffled the water around her, she swung a little on her mooring.
There was nothing in that television picture to suggest that there was anything wrong.
But down in her blue hull, the boat carried a dreadful cargo. A hold packed with bodies. A great tangle of corpses.
As the camera pulled back you saw figures gathering on the quay, police and forensic experts, all dressed in white overalls, and with masks over their faces.
When the fishing boat came alongside, they would go to work.
The first time we’d seen that blue hull it appeared in footage shot far out at sea by the Italian navy.

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