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January 14, 2017
January 14, 2017

At least 29 people have been killed in two deadly shooting attacks in Kenya’s coastal districts, the interior ministry has said.

Witnesses said heavily armed men raided a trading centre in the village of Hindi, in Lamu county, and a police station in Gamba, Tana River county, overnight on Saturday.

The Somali militant Islamist group al-Shabab said it was behind the killings.

It has made past claims it conducted various other attacks in the region.

Deputy Prime Minister William Ruto, who is currently visiting the region, is on his way to Gamba.

Analysis: Mary Harper, BBC News

Al-Shabab is increasingly becoming a regional force. Outside Somalia, Kenya is its main target.

The nature of its attacks there is changing, with a growing use of armed units rather than grenades, improvised explosive devices and single targeted assassinations.

It would be wrong to think of al-Shabab as a purely Somali movement. Young, disaffected Muslim men, many from the Kenyan coast, provide a fertile recruiting ground.

Al-Shabab has a sophisticated propaganda machine, with radio broadcasts in the local Kiswahili language, and Kiswahili websites with instructions on how to make bombs.

Kenya’s wrestle with insecurity

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