Youth Unleased (Teenage Program)
January 14, 2017

Tune in Every Saturday from 07.00 AM to 08.30 AM

Morning Prime is an interactive program presented by Helena Mulenga, Gloria Mumba and Justina Mumba.  It is a program where we discuss Politics, Current Affairs, Entertainment ( Entertainment 101), Health and Fashion (Fashion Express).

In Entertainment, we interview artists both upcoming and already established, and we also talk about the gossips and news that made headlines during the week.

On Health, we get to talk about how people should prepare healthy meals, the goodness of natural foods and different kinds of chronicle diseases that are mostly ignored.

On Fashion Express, we interview designers and talk about the fashion do’s and don’ts.

On Politics and Current Affairs, we discuss stories that made headlines during the week and has affected people such as witchcraft, crime, miscelleneous events, etc


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