Patriotic Front PF of engaging in early campaigns
January 18, 2017
Operations at KCM’s Business units in Chililabombwe have been paralysed
January 18, 2017

MEANWHILE the Patriotic Front PF has demanded that the Ministry
of Higher Education through the Bursaries Committee
increase the number of first years allocated
bursaries sponsorship at the University of Zambia
and the Copper belt University .
UPND Chairperson for Policy and Research Choolwe
Beyani says it is a shame that the PF does not take
education seriously.
Dr. Beyani observed that before the 2016 elections
the PF government went on rampage distributing
unbudgeted for market loans to hoodwink
He says it is disheartening that the PF can be
boasting of constructing roads using borrowed money
then fail to award a meaningful number of STUDENTS
sponsorship at Public universities.
He alleges that the bursaries Committee even failed
to account for over 80million Kwacha under
President Lungu.

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