Airlines ended more services to African countries hit by the Ebola
January 14, 2017
Munkombwe accuses Rupiah of betrayal
January 14, 2017

kasumbalesa2Zambians living the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC are reported to have stormed and occupied the Zambian consulate in demand for their money.
The Zambians are said to have contributed money to the Zambian officials in DRC to help build schools but they ended up misusing the money.
Speaking during a meeting at the foreign affairs office, Chairman of Zambians in Katanga region Samuel Mumba says the total amount contributed with interest stands accrued at 35,800 United State dollars.
Mr. Mumba says Katanga region has about 20 thousand Zambians living there, with difficulties in accessing education.
He says the money has been missing for 49 years and Zambians in DRC are now demanding to be repaid.

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