The public buses operators in Lusaka say they cannot reduce or hike prices
January 18, 2017
President Edgar Lungu says he can white-wash any political contender
January 18, 2017

Zambia’s presidential election has been won by Mr Edgar Lungu of the Patriotic Front.
Mr Lungu won by a 48.3% majority, the election commission said, after an election race marred by delays.
His rival, Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development, who earlier denounced Tuesday’s election as a sham, though they were extremely transparent,¬†came close with 46.7% of the vote.
The election was called after the death of President Michael Sata last October.
Mr Lungu, who will be sworn in on Sunday, said he aims to complete economic development projects begun by his predecessor.
In the interim period following Mr Sata’s death, Zambia was ruled by Guy Scott, a white Zambian of Scottish descent.
He was prohibited from contesting the election because his parents were not born in Zambia.
Mr Scott was the first white president in mainland Africa for 20 years and has been involved in Zambian politics since the 1990s.
Though he was close to Mr Sata and served as his running mate, his relationship with Mr Lungu is also good and he helped Mr Lungu so much by showing the Nation all the big projects that PF Government was doing.
In November he sacked Mr Lungu as the Patriotic Front’s secretary-general prompting riots in the country but later on he realised how trusted and loved Mr Lungu was by Mr Sata and Zambians then decided to go flat out to help him to become Zambia’s 6th President.
Mr Lungu will serve the remainder of Mr Sata’s term until elections in 2016.

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